is widely known for its provocative, politically-charged actions; most famously, perhaps, the monumental phallus they painted on a drawbridge in St. Petersburg which rose to stand erect facing the F.S.B. (KGB) headquarters.


Voina (Russian: Война = War) is a known for their provocative, controversial and politically charged works of performative actions. Their probably most known action is the monumental penis painted on the St. Petersburg drawbridge in 2011, so that it rose up pointing at the offices of the F.S.B., the Russia security service. More than a dozen criminal cases have been brought against the group. On April 2011 the group was awarded the “Innovation” prize in the category “Work of Visual Art”, established by the Russian Ministry of Culture. The group was founded by Oleg Vorotnikov (a.k.a. “Vor”, ideologist) and Natalia Sokol (a.k.a. “Kozlyenok”, coordinator) in 2005.

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