Leonid «Arch Genius»

is a street-artist and activist who organises DIY-events in Murmansk. He is an active participant in several civil and human rights initiatives, and the editor of the Youth Human Rights Newspaper.


Friends call Leonid Arch, but the full name of the creative pseudonym – Arch Genius, that reflecting his commitment to the progressive versatile development, personal growth and self-realization. He works as a chief editor of the “Youth Human Rights Newspaper”, that published in Murmansk: http://yhrp.blogspot.ru/

He started his art way from break-dance. In parallel, he studied independently drawing and doll-making. In 2011 he started working in the field of street art and art activism. In April 2012, he became the winner of “Narcophobia. Open Call”, held in Zverev Center of Contemporary Art, won a trip to Germany for the Berlin Biennale of Contemporary Art. In his town, Leonid tries to develop contemporary art and organises DIY-events. He is an active participant in the civil and human rights initiatives.



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