RE-ALIGNED ART, Tromsø, Norway

postcard image-1RE-ALIGNED ART
from Russia, Ukraine and Belarus
at Tromsø Kunstforening
and throughout the city of Tromsø

Curated by
Ivor Stodolsky and Marita Muukkonen
of Perpetuum Mobilε

Culminating Exhibition on Russian, Ukrainian and Belarusian Art:
RE-ALIGNED ART at Tromsø Kunstforening (13.9.-10.11.2013).

In Tromsø, the RE-ALIGNED project will spread out over several sites, routes and ports including Tromsø Kunstforening, the artist-run spaces Kurant and Small Projects, the Verdensteatret Cinema, the University of Tromsø, as well as the streets, walls, rooves and air-fields of this arctic city. Re-Aligned Art is a festival of political art in diverse genres hosting art, cinema, poetry and music, as well three symposia: artistic, discursive and academic.

PROGRAMME of the Opening Days, September 13-16, 2013

New commissions and works seen for the first time outside of Russia, as well as by now classic pieces, will be contextualised through a dedicated audio-visual Action-Documentation Stairwell and a Re-Reading Room.

RE-ALIGNED ART in Tromsø, whose focus is Russian, Ukrainian and Belarusian art, includes the following artists and collectives:

Sveta Baskova, Babi Badalov, Ivan Brazhkin, Chto Delat?, Mikhail Dolyanovsky, Sofia Gavrilova, Gogol’s Wives, Alexey Iorsh, Matvei Krylov, Leonid «Arch Genius»,  Denis Limonov, Victoria Lomasko, Media Impact, Kirill Medvedev, Roman Minin, Monobrow, Monstrations (Artyom Loskutov and Maria Kiselyova), Marina Naprushkina, Nikolay Oleynikov, Anatoly Osmolovsky, Pyotr Pavlensky, Pedagogical Poem (Arseny Zhilyaev and Ilya Budraitskis), Pussy Riot, Timofey Radya, Mykola Ridnyi, SOSka Group, Translit & Petersburg Street University, Voina Group and the ZIP Group.

The RE-ALIGNED project looks into conditions, subjectivities and agencies provoking a new alignment of art, thought and politics in the 21st century. It assumes that the horizon lies not behind, but before us. The “post-modern moment” has passed. We are in a state of “pre-”. Overcoming identity-particularisms and old geopolitical fault lines, contemporary currents in art and politics exhibit common alignments based on ideals and ideas.
Speakers in the programme of the artistic and discursive symposia at the Kunstforening (September 14) and a third academic symposium co-organised with Tromsø University, include:

Sveta Baskova (film maker, BAZA institute), Katya Samutsevich (Pussy Riot) over video link, Mischa Gabowitsch (Einstein Forum), Rogatschevski (University of Tromsø), Ivor Stodolsky (Perpetuum Mobilε), Kirill Medvedev (poet and Arkady Kots bandleader), Viktor Misiano (international curator), Elena Trubina (Ural Federal University), Pyotr Verzilov (Voina, Pussy Riot associate), Dmitry Vilensky (Chto Delat?), Grey Violet/Seroe Fioletovoe (Voina), Hilary Pilkington (Warwick University).

As in previous times of great public discontent, such as in 1848 across Europe, in 1968 across continents, or in 1989 across the Soviet bloc,  artistic advocates of freedom have taken their ideas into full public view. Using a multiplicity artistic techniques and strategies, the current re-alignment of art with politics tactically combines art and subversion, art and micropolitics, art and education, art and provocation and art and propaganda. The selection of artists, thinkers and activists of the RE-ALIGNED overrides factional divides, including all of these approaches.

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