Video Release: #TSQ2 Docu-Teaser

Watch Jophi Cragg de Mark’s docu-clip based on materials from TO THE SQUARE 2 aka #TSQ2: Watch this space for an upcoming full-length documentary based on #TSQ2 ( and its artists and contributors by the Swedish-Uruguayan artist Juan-Pedro Fabra Guemberena. … Continue reading

Artist: Rena Rädle & Vladan Jeremić

Jeremic & Rädle: Non-Googleheim

For TO THE SQUARE 2 Drawings on banners and leaflets on Lasipalatsi Square. Googleheim is a museum that collects artistic practices which have emerged during popular revolutionary waves and protests over the last decade. The collections show stuff artists and … Continue reading

Artist: Raumlabor

Mo-we Mo-bil

For TO THE SQUARE 2 Mo-we-Mo-bil is an experimental mobile cinema which aims to activate dialogue and participation in Helsinki through screenings in public space. It is made of a mobile projection unit and special cinema chairs, which can be … Continue reading

Artist: Khaled Jarrar


For TO THE SQUARE 2 For his new performative artwork, Khaled Jarrar sought 50 volunteers – of all ages and types. As a former bodyguard of President Arafat of the PLO/Palestinian Authority, Jarrar trained these volunteers to march in military … Continue reading

Artist: The ZIP Group

The Construction

For TO THE SQUARE 2 ‘Our project is about process, meeting and the birth of a microcommunity. The work is divided into several phases of construction. In each phase, a new platform appears, enabling new forms of communication for those … Continue reading

Artist: Ammar Abo Bakr

Mural by Ammar Abo Bakr

For TO THE SQUARE 2 Acrylic on canvas-like substrate, 10.8 x 7.9 metres The theme of Ammar Abo Bakr’s work for To The Square 2 is a surrealistic play on the image of the cotton candy seller who becomes a … Continue reading


THE SQUARE newspaper

THE SQUARE ISSUE #1 August 2014 Published as part of TO THE SQUARE 2 #TSQ2 “The Square” newspaper is edited by Ivor Stodolsky, designed by Tzortzis Rallis (Occupied Times) and includes art by Ganzeer, Federico Geller, Vladan Jeremic & Rena … Continue reading

Artist: Nikolay Oleynikov


RADIO PRAVDA I. Nikolay Oleynikov for the TO THE SQUARE 2 Project Nikolay Oleynikov and friends on RADIO PRAVDA: Oxana Timofeeva, Jonathan Brooks Platt, Grey Violet, Lilu S. Deil, Ilya Yakovenko, Kirill Medvedev, Roman Osminkin, Ivor Stodolsky, Paleface, Olga Jitlina … Continue reading


Documentation of BACK TO (THE) SQUARE 1

EXHIBITION CONCEPT AND PROGRAMME INTRO by Ganzeer POSTER by Ganzeer GALLERY EXHIBITION Installation views: Photos by Annika Rauhala THE CREW     From left: Marita Muukkonen (co-curator), Hany  Rashed (artist), Stephanie Roiko (assistant), Ammar Abo Bakr (artist), Khaled Jarrar (artist), … Continue reading

Artist: Marina Naprushkina

My Daddy is a Policeman. What Does He Do at Work?

The coloring book My Daddy is a Policeman. What Does He Do at Work? by Marina Naprushkina appeared as a part of the civil campaign against police violence in Belarus called “Beware, police!”. The campaign was initiated by the Belarusian … Continue reading