Artist: Ivan Brazhikin

Rebel Karaoke, 2011-2013, Interactive Video Installation

Rebel Karaoke is precisely what it says it is: a sing-and-shout-along machine for engaging in revolutionary songs and chants. All of them were recorded on a street near you… This audiovisual installation includes material from the latest political events and demonstrations … Continue reading

Artist: Alexey Iorsh

Art Activism

Graphic novel, 2013. Eight (double sided) A2 prints, and thirty-one A3 prints on the wall. Art Activism (in comics) is a graphic novel about activist art events in Russia since 2000 composed and illustrated by Alexey Iorsh. The English translation … Continue reading

Artist: Chto Delat? / What is To be Done?

The Chto Delat? Newspaper Archive

Installation of all covers of the newspaper of the Chto Delat? collective since its inception in 2003. Wall of the Re-reading Room, 2013. The 10th anniversary of the Chto Delat? Workgroup and its newspaper coincided with the idea of installing … Continue reading

Artist: Roman Minin

Plan of Escape from the Donetsk Region

Graphic prints (B/W) 4,4 m x 4,0 m; series of printed photos (sizes variable); acrylic on wall; 3 helmets with head-lights. Roman Minin’s detailed graphic work and series of photos laments the disappearance of his native Donetsk mining culture. Entering … Continue reading


Re-Reading Room

Textual, discursive and educational formats form an important aspect of “re-aligned”, political or engaged art. Here is a space for the RE-READING of these materials. It also gives a room for the potential discussion and re-activation of the ideas they … Continue reading

Artist: ZIP Group

Flag Washing Machine (Carousel), 2013, Installation

Location: Kurant Gallery, Søndre Tollbodgate 17, 9008 Tromsø Opening on the 14th of September, [time] The installation has a form of rope way on roller skates with the flags of different countries. The flags are spinning in a circle, getting into … Continue reading

Artist: ZIP Group

Three Chairs

Installation of wooden high-chairs with plastic seats, seat belts and other accessories; windows of the TKF with materials, including clay putty, markers and wood. Three “thrones” facing three windows, tower high off the ground in this witty, pleasurable and practicle … Continue reading

Artist: Timofey Radya

Figure #1: Stability

In a mockery of “stability”, the prized acheivement of the Putin regime following the “wild 1990s”, the pyramid built by Tima Radya and his crew in this video is a precarious stack of heavy metal riot shields. Slightly angled on … Continue reading

Artist: Mykola Ridnyi


2:30 min, video loop, 2012. Re-Reading Room. The documentary short-film Monument shows the hard labour of jackhammer-workers dismantling an enormous Soviet-era monument in Kharkiv, Ukraine. As part of the programme of modernizing public space for the EURO 2012 football championship, … Continue reading

Artist: Sofia Gavrilova


Acrylic on 10 Sheets of plexiglass and wall, 2m x 3m x 5mm, 2013. (first realised in 2011) The penitential system of Russia has not changed significantly since Soviet times. There are more than 10 types of different penal institutions, … Continue reading