Hany Rashed


With the ongoing changes taking place in Egypt, Hany Rashed constantly explores artful possibilities and attempts to produce innovative, fresh works. Hany Rashed was out in the streets for best part of the last three years. His ceaseless creative activity has responded to the unfolding socio-political events and changes in the country. Returning to the studio, his works still carry the energy of the street – if tinted by the sense of humour of a one-time student of the prominent painter Mohamed Abla. A highly versatile artist, Hany Rashed has painted and sculpted Egyptians and Europeans, cars and children, models and policemen, tackling popular and pop culture. Working in genres from abstraction to monoprints, the constant element of his work is the lovable, if fickle human being. Rashed has exhibited his work in major venues internationally, including in Dubai, London and Berlin.

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