Noah Fischer


Article “A Global Debt Museum” by Noah Fischer / Occupy Museums
Art by G.U.L.F.
both in THE SQUARE newspaper Issue #1, published as part of To The Square 2.

Noah Fischer is a New YorNoah Fischer pic from theenemyreader.orgk based artist and cultural activist. He is a member of Occupy Museums and Gulf Labor. Initially Fischer’s practice encompassed kinetic installations (Rhetoric Machine, New York, Oliver Kamm Gallery, 2006, Pop Ark, Kunstenfestivaldesart and Steirischer Herbst 2007) exp


erimental theater (collaborations with andcompany&co), and object making (Monitor, Clare Oliver Gallery, 2008). Following the financial crash, Fischer exited from the private art market, initiating an inquiry into mechanisms of inequality through performance in public space (Summer of Change, 2011). This practice collided with the Occupy Wall Street Movement where he performed in the park as a giant talking coin, and then became involved in direct action organizing, initiating Occupy Museums with a manifesto on October 19th, 2011. Fischer has played a central role in planning actions and experiments at MoMA, Frieze, Guggenheim, 7th Berlin Biennale, KM, and CCA Warsaw, uncovering a network of allies internationally. He is currently working on a platform concerned with debt in the arts along with artist Coco Fusco, and maintains a studio practice in Brooklyn. Most recently they co-organised the international conference, “The Artist as Debtor”


Recent Exhibitions and Actions
2015 (upcoming) Gulf Labor in 56th Venice Biennale
2014 Work it Out, group exhibition at Momenta Art, NY
2014 Action Series: Guggenheim Museum, Who is Building the Guggeneheim Abu Dhabi? (Global Ultra Luxury Faction). New York, NY.
2014 Action: Metropolitan Museum of Art, Ritual Rebranding of David Koch Plaza. NY, NY.
2013 Global Activism, curated by Peter Weibel, Linnea Semmerling, Joulia Strauss. ZKM Museum, Karlsrue, Germany.
2013 Winter Holiday Camp (accepted into Museum’s permanent collection 12/13), Center for Contemporary Art, Warsaw, Poland
2013 Queen Mother of Reality: BiBA Performa, collaboration with Pawel Althamer, Performa 13, New York.

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