The Construction

The ZIP Group


‘Our project is about process, meeting and the birth of a microcommunity. The work is divided into several phases of construction. In each phase, a new platform appears, enabling new forms of communication for those who have come to the square. First, a platform will appear, square and round at once, with tables and chairs for the first TSQ2 DEBATE, “The Future of the Square”, on 22nd August. Then this will disappear, and reappear in another form starting Monday 25th, and further levels and platforms and stages will be added. The new spaces will include a place for meetings and discussions, then a space for working together and, directly above it, one for recreation. Besides these, an art gallery for exhibiting works created by visitors will be constructed. We welcome artists and others to propose their projects! On top of all of this, a viewer’s/speaker’s platform for observing the environment and communicating with the world will soar into the sky. In this way, we will create something like an independent “micro-state”, a sort of self-developing organism intended to unite audiences and artists.’

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