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Breaking news: Khaled Jarrar is coming TO THE SQUARE 2, his travel-ban unexpectedly reversed

UPDATE: (see PRESS REVIEW at the very bottom) KHALED JARRAR arrives at TO THE SQUARE 2  Photos: EXCELLENT NEWS!!  At 8.30pm 12.8.2014, Khaled Jarrar successfully crossed the border on Allenby Bridge. He is now in Amman. He will … Continue reading

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Updated Press release: TO THE SQUARE 2 takes over Lasipalatsi Square (August)

Press Release, updated 12.8.2014: On the heels of the positive public resonance generated by BACK TO (THE) SQUARE 1 around Helsinki in March 2014, Checkpoint Helsinki presents a second iteration of the Re-Aligned Project curated by Ivor Stodolsky and Marita … Continue reading

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Denis Limonov

is a Belarusian artist and activist of the Mogilev-based Lime Blossom group. “Drawing public attention to the problem of constitutional fascism in the republic,” he notoriously claimed responsibility for a terrorist act in Minsk, in an attempt to disrupt the … Continue reading

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Media Impact

is a platform of activist art which has, since 2011, organised the first festivals of their kind in Russia. Coordinated by Tatiana Volkova of Zhir Gallery, it has developed exhibitions, international cooperation, and the discourse and practice of activist art … Continue reading

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Marina Naprushkina

is a Belarusian artist and activist in opposition to the regime of Alexander Lukaschenko. Her Office for Anti-Propaganda (founded 2007), continuously invents new strategies and tactics for countering the oppression of freedom of thought and action in Belarus today. //////////////////////////////// … Continue reading

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Pyotr Pavlensky

Works in the Re-Aligned Project: Carcass See also the brief excerpt from an extensive interview (the first video, below) with Ivor Stodolsky, Curator of the Re-Aligned Project, on the streets of St. Petersburg in 2013. Pyotr Pavlensky’s public art actions … Continue reading

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